The area of Resource Aware Computing grew out from several research results to use modelling techniques and static analysis techniques to derive upper bounds for consumption of resources such as time, space and energy. RAC’s aim is to bring together researchers on timing awareness and other resource awareness such as memory and energy. The RAC workshop relates to earlier Foundational and Practical Aspects of Resource Analysis (FOPARA) workshop series (e.g. FOPARA2015 at ETAPS2015 joint with DICE). Where FOPARA focusses on analysis only, RAC considers the whole area of resource aware computing. Related is also the Energy Aware Computing (EACO) workshop series which is held yearly at Bristol University.

RAC2016 is a satellite event of ETAPS2016 on Saturday April 2, 2016, and is hosted in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Papers should be submitted before January 11, 2016, see our submission page for more details.

A satellite event of ETAPS. ETAPS2016 is supported by ICT COST Action IC1202 Timing Analysis on Code-Level (TACLe).


The RAC workshop will serve as a forum for presenting original research results that are relevant to resource aware computing and the analysis of resource (e.g. time, space, energy) consumption by computer programs. The workshop aims to bring together the researchers that work on foundational issues with the researchers that focus more on practical results. Therefore, both theoretical and practical contributions are encouraged. We also encourage papers that combine theory and practice. The following list of topics is non-exhaustive:


The full programme can be found here.


The workshop will publish open access proceedings via Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS). See our submission page for details about page limit, required style and procedure to submit the paper.