This page collects all the work done on the subject of resource analysis at Radboud University Nijmegen. This work is done within the context of the AHA, CHARTER and Go-Green projects, by researchers from the Digital Security group at the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences.

We have developed resource analysis methods based on polynomial interpolation and size-aware type-systems. First for a functional language, within the AHA project. Currently the focus is on Java programs, in the CHARTER project.


AHA (Amortised Heap Analysis) was a project that ran from 2006 to 2010. It was funded under grant nr. 612.063.511 by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

The goal of AHA was to develop polynomial size analysis for a functional language.


CHARTER - Critical and High Assurance Requirements Transformed through Engineering Rigour - was an ARTEMIS Embedded Computing Systems Initiative project.

CHARTER aimed to develop concepts, methods, and tools for embedded system design and deployment that enable developers to master the complexity and substantially improve the development, verification and certification of critical embedded systems. In the context of the CHARTER project we have developed polynomial loop-bounds analysis and memory consumption analysis for (Real-Time) Java.


Go-Green is a dutch project, sponsored by Agentschap NL, which aims to develop an intelligent energy-aware system that learns people's behavior, understands their needs, provides reliable feedback in terms of best practices for energy use and distribution, intelligently harvests energy from various sources, and allows people to be in control. The system itself should be energy-neutral.

In the context of the Go-Green project we are developing an analysis for static estimation of energy-consumption of software, which is parametric with respect to hardware models as well as user-input.


ResAna Loop-Bounds Inference Prototype
Polynomial Size Analysis prototype

Supporting material for topic Polynomial Solutions for Algebraic Difference Equations (ADE)

Symbolic calculations (Maxima script) related to ADE with CONSTANT coefficients
Symbolic calculations (Maxima script) related to ADE with VARIABLE coefficients
Running example (Maxima script)
Proof of the influence of G0(x)-term (Maxima Script)
Technical report Polynomial solutions of algebraic difference equations and homogeneous symmetric polynomials


Technical reports



JML Workshop for the Charter project


Marko van Eekelen
Bernard van Gastel
Rody Kersten

Paolo Parisen Toldin
Manuel Montenegro
Góbi Attila

Former team members:
Olha Shkaravska
Alejandro Tamalet
Ron van Kesteren

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